Muni sickout: Too ill to work, but just fine for payday – SFGate 8-13-14

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sixty of the 762 Muni operators involved in the infamous three-day sickout in June were apparently well enough to pick up their paychecks at the transit agency’s headquarters on the same days they called in sick.If they don’t come up with a good explanation, the operators could have their pay docked – the same penalty facing more than 300 of their colleagues who called in sick and haven’t been able to back it up.The sickout, which led to missed runs and long delays and shut down the cable cars, came after operators overwhelmingly rejected a contract that would have given them an 11.25 percent raise over two years, but also would have had them make a 7.5 percent pension contribution that previously had been paid by the city.The drivers called that unreasonable, and though their union didn’t call the sickout, the operators’ solidarity was apparent. More than two-thirds of Muni’s 600 vehicles were kept off the street the first day of the sickout, June 2, a number that only marginally improved by the time operators went back to work.

via Muni sickout: Too ill to work, but just fine for payday – SFGate.


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