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Transport Workers Union Local 250-A announced on June 27 that it had reached a tentative contract agreement with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Workers, after voting down the MTA’s first offer at the end of May, were so disgusted at being offered a contract that included a pay cut that they held a sickout in protest. At an MTA board meeting on June 24, a group of workers and union officers lashed out at MTA “for stating publicly it appreciated its drivers while trying to cut their pay. ‘What you’re saying here is totally insulting,’ [TWU Local 250-A President Eric] Williams said. ‘This is a calculated attack on the biggest minority group of employees in the city. If you really cared, you would give us a fair contract.’” The protest worked. While Williams was not at liberty to announce the terms of the deal until it was submitted to the workers, he thanked “the strong support of our membership and hard work at the negotiating table” for the new agreement. San Francisco Chronicle, June 28 Now the membership gets to vote again. Stay tuned.LIRR strike loomsWorkers on the Long Island Rail Road voted to strike in February. The contract proposed by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority has also been rejected by two federal mediation panels. The most recent ruling called the union leaders’ offer of a 17 percent raise over six years “the most reasonable.” The strike could take place as early as July 20. If the MTA forces the strike, it will disrupt the daily commute of 300,000 riders. As of June 23, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181-1061, the New York City school bus drivers’ union, issued a press release calling on all members to refuse to scab on LIRR workers.

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