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Jan. 9, 2014

Adelaide bus drivers are strongly considering strike action on the Australia Day long weekend.

This comes amid concerns of violent passengers and low pay rates and the Transport Workers Union are not happy about it.

The TWU sent a ballot paper to members in December asking their workers to consider industrial action including 24-hour strikes and refusing to collect money for fares.

The secretary of the TWU Ray Wyatt spoke to Matt and Alex this morning on FIVEaa breakfast and is concerned about the low pay rate.

“The big contentious issue at the moment is the inability or inflexibility of the contractors to be able to offer anything more than a 2.8% increase to our members.

“This arose out of contract negotiations, which the union on behalf of its members was excluded from, but when the contract enters relationship with the Government these things were broken.”

“2.8% has infuriated our members; it’s a measly offer, it’s unsatisfactory,” he said.

Mr Wyatt said the members are also disturbed about violent outbreaks from the public while using their buses.

“We shouldn’t forget that recently the plight of our members and bus drivers in general being declared vulnerable people for the jobs that they do.

“We know about the assault, our members being spat upon just asking for having tickets validated.

“Its reached boiling point and I think our members are going to vent their frustrations,” Mr Wyatt said.

Bus drivers are working on public holidays as well as early morning and late night hours, so there is a chance that the bus drivers will strike on the Australia Day weekend.

This could be particularly inconvenient for the public with events such as the traditional Australia Day cricket match at Adelaide Oval, which makes this public holiday one of the busiest public transport days of the year.

“We’re talking about low pay workers that work exceptional hours, but on New Years Eve it was our members away from their families delivering the people with all their New Year festivities. Same on Christmas Eve, the extraordinary hours our people do, there should be recognition for that,” he said.

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