Transit- Metro Transit buses should have snow tires, say some drivers – Nova Scotia – CBC News

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Jan. 3, 2014

With winter hit after winter hit this season, some Metro Transit drivers are raising concerns over the lack of snow tires on the city’s transit fleet.

Ken Wilson, the head of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 508, is looking into their complaints — but the city said the tires meet all the required regulations and are maintained properly.

Wilson points out there are also more accordion style buses being driven longer hours.

“It\’s a very big bus. It has a balloon tire in the rear. All the power comes from the back of the bus – so as it bends it\’s pushing you into oncoming traffic so it makes it a little bit harder to negotiate the city,” he said.

Wilson said his members would like to see snow tires on all the buses, something he\’ll be looking into over the next two weeks.

Janet Bryson, a spokesperson for the city, said the tires used on Metro Transit buses are the same ones used for winter driving by every system in the country — a commercial tire with what she calls an \”aggressive\” tread.

Bryson also said there is a system in place for drivers who aren\’t happy with their tires.

“If they are concerned about the treads at all they can mention it to maintenance. Maintenance will take a look at it and if the tires aren\’t meeting the standards then they\’re replaced,” she said.

Bryson also said tire standards are set by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board and the Motor Carrier Act — and Metro Transit Buses are regularly inspected.

via Metro Transit buses should have snow tires, say some drivers – Nova Scotia – CBC News.


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