Transit- UTA, union adopt agreement after 2-year negotiation | The Salt Lake Tribune

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Nov. 27, 2013

Amid stories of big Utah Transit Authority executive salaries and bonuses, most rank-and-file UTA employees had not had a raise for two years while the agency and its labor union negotiated a new collective-bargaining agreement.

(Leah Hogsten | Tribune file photo) TRAX rail service general manager Paul O\’Brien walks the line at the Salt Lake City International Airport stop. UTA has just approved a new collective bargaining agreement for its employees.

(Rick Egan | Tribune file photo) UTA General Manager, Michael Allegra praises the new labor agreement with employees that follows two years of negotiations.

On Dec. 10, employees will receive a 2 percent pay raise.

The union employees will also soon receive a 2 percent bonus on their full 2012 pay.

\”That helps for the year that they didn’t get a raise,\” said Joe Hatch, lawyer for Amalgamated Transit Union Local 382.

The union overwhelmingly approved the new collective-bargaining agreement (89 percent to 11 percent) and the UTA Board approved it unanimously last week.

The new deal also has a schedule for raises of between 1 percent and 2 percent roughly every six months through 2016.

As an example of wages under the new accord, bus and train operators will now receive $19.51 an hour, up from $19.13. That will rise to $21.23 an hour by December 2016.

Other examples include that an \”A-level mechanic\” now will earn $25.22 an hour; rail-maintenance workers and transit vehicle technicians, $21.32; parts clerks, $19.49; shop janitors, $17.70; and coach cleaners, $16.70.

Hatch noted that the new agreement also puts $1 million into the employees’ health trust fund, along with scheduled increases to it. \”That will give them relief on their health insurance,\” he said.

via UTA, union adopt agreement after 2-year negotiation | The Salt Lake Tribune.


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