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Nov. 5, 2013

American Airlines is now allowing passengers to use their electronic devices during all point of a flight.

Following the Federal Aviation Administration\’s new rule that electronic devices can be used from gate to gate, American Airlines obtained approval from the administration and is now applying the rule to its entire mainline fleet and to regional aircraft operated by American Eagle Airlines.

Passengers can now read their e-books, finish reviewing work documents, listen to music or watch videos on handheld portable electronic devices, even during takeoff, landing and when the plane is in taxi.

American is working with other regional partners so that the rule can be applied to customers on all regional flights by the end of the year. Some American Eagle flights also won\’t apply the rule until the end of the year.

Under the rule, passengers can use devices on airplane mode once the plane doors are closed. Wi-Fi is available shortly after takeoff of Wi-Fi equipped planes. Customers must secure their devices by holding them or placing them in seatback pockets during takeoff and landing. Large devices such as laptops will still have to remain stowed under a seat or in the overhead bin during takeoff, landing and taxi. Customers should also listen to crewmembers for changes in rules due to safety issues.

American Airlines treasures onboard technology. About 99 percent of domestic flights are equipped with Wi-Fi. Also, American\’s Airbus A319s, Boeing 777-300ERs and new Boeing 737s have universal power outlets and USB ports at every seat.

Delta and JetBlue airlines became the first to get permission to allow gate-to-gate electronic device use earlier this week.

via American Airlines Now Allows Electronic Devices to Be Used Throughout Entire Flight : News : TravelersToday.


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