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Sept. 9, 2013

When asked why he was suing to strike a portion of his union’s own contract, Transport Workers Union Local 100 President John Samuelsen had a simple answer.

“I believe that the agreement was illegal,” he said. “The MaBSTOA contract set the industry standard, and I want it back.”

Differences in Divisions

Mr. Samuelsen was referring to a provision negotiated in 2002, eight years before he became president. Before that, almost all bus employees in the Bronx and Manhattan worked for the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MaBSTOA), while those in Brooklyn worked for New York City Transit.

Once you were hired by one division, you could work only in its depots; benefits, pensions and pay practices could differ significantly between the two departments. Now they’ve been consolidated, and the biggest difference is that Manhattan and Bronx workers have their own pension plan, while NYCT employees participate in NYCERS. Mr. Samuelsen wants the workers back in two divisions.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority declined to comment on the issue, since it is an ongoing legal matter.

But according to court papers, the dispute dates back to 2010, when then-MTA chief Jay Walder laid off several hundred employees, many of whom were bus drivers or mechanics. Local 100 tried to block the agency from hiring new New York City Transit employees before laid-off MaBSTOA workers, which the union argued violated the earlier agreement. An arbitrator sided with the MTA, saying that portion of the provision violated civil-service law.

via Samuelsen Suing To Put Workers Back In Two Divisions – The Chief: News Of The Week.


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