Air- TWU union reacts to approval of AA bankruptcy plan – FOX23 News

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Sept. 12, 2013

On Thursday, a federal judge approved American Airlines’ plan to emerge from bankruptcy protection.FOX23’s Janna Clark talked to the president of the Transport Workers Union, who said merging is the best option.But an employee Clark talked to said he isn’t convinced merging is the way to go.FOX23 asked TWU president Dale Danker if merging AA and US Airways is the best plan.”If we don’t merge, what does it look like for Tulsa and the ability to have a base in Tulsa? It’s equally concerning if we merge,” he said.Danker said he’s not sure what American’s strategy will be if the merger doesn’t happen.FOX23 talked to an American employee who had just gotten off work Thursday afternoon. He didn’t want to talk on camera, but said some employees want the merger, but others don’t.He said since 2003 workers have given up more than a third of their compensation and they expect more layoffs are on the way at the end of the year.He said at this point some employees have very little faith they will keep their jobs, whether or not they merge.The employee FOX23 talked to does think the merger would be good for the airline, but he’s not convinced employees will benefit.”They’ve taken pay cuts. They’ve survived and survived and survived,” he said.Danker says merging is the best option and that now the biggest hurdle is the lawsuit between American and the Department of Justice.The lawsuit is trying to block the merger, saying it would reduce competition and lead to higher prices.American originally hoped to close the merger this month. Now it’s shooting for the end of the year if it can settle the lawsuit or win it in court.That is scheduled to start in November.

via TWU union reacts to approval of AA bankruptcy plan – FOX23 News.

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