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July 30, 2013

On July 24, a busload of mostly African-American elders from Co-op City in the Bronx attended a morning rally outside the Metropolitan Transit Authority hearing on service and fares. Their designated speaker explained that they have been fighting to restore bus service and make it more regular, as residents typically need to get to medical appointments twice a week.

The seniors, other community activists and hundreds of members of Transport Workers Union Local 100 were greeted by dozens of elected officials and candidates for office in several neighborhoods where unstaffed subway booths, broken elevators and service cuts endanger both safety and the local economy. Environmental activists and grassroots groups like Holding Up Great Sisters and Parents to Improve School Transportation also spoke and networked at the event.

Meanwhile, several transit workers and advocates lined up to testify at the hearings inside. The crowd outside chanted, “Release the funds! Restore our services!” in reference to cuts and layoffs made in 2010 that could now be reversed using the millions of dollars that New York state has recently awarded the MTA.

To sign petitions and learn more about making transit more accessible for all, visit

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