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June 29, 2013

Everyone has heard the saying, “It takes two to tango.” In the airline business it takes management working together with labor to create a good atmosphere for customer service and for on-time operations. Unfortunately, ultra-low-cost-carrier Allegiant is on the outs with its flight attendant union. Here are the questions they are raising.

The Transport Workers Union, which represents Allegiant flight attendants, is, in their words, trying to make the company better. But, they are being frustrated by management’s disregard for customer service and commitment to airports they choose to serve.

While most labor-management tussles have to do with dollars and cents and work rules, this one also has to do with how the company treats its customers, making it somewhat unique.

When deciding on a flight, just like with its ultra-low-cost brethren, Spirit Airlines, take a close look at the final price. Calculate the value of your vacation vis a vis flying from a remote airport and lack of customer service. If the deal works for you, at least you will be purchasing your tickets with eyes wide open.

via When an airline is fighting against itself — Allegiant vs. Allegiant.


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