Air- Two weeks until takeoff: Branson prepares for Southwest Airlines –

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Feb. 23, 2013

BRANSON, Mo. — Southwest Airlines takes off from the Ozarks for the first time on March 9. Travelers and tourism leaders alike have been anticipating the service for several months.

The skies above the Ozarks are geting more colorful, and cost friendly. The red-bellied birds of Southwest Airlines land in Branson for the first time Saturday, March 9.

“This is, really, a watershed event for us,” said Ross Summers, president and CEO of the Branson-Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.

Branson Airport is getting ready for the Southwest service, which replaces AirTran. Southwest owns AirTran, and will discontinue that carrier’s flights on March 8.

The new flights will give tourists an easy way to the Ozarks, while giving local residents another option for their own vacations and other trips .

“This isn’t a Branson event. This is big for Springfield, for northwest Arkansas, for anybody that has been driving outside our market (Kansas City, Tulsa, St. Louis) to catch a Southwest flight. Now we are going to be keeping those dollars at home, Summers stated.

Daily flights will operate to and from Dallas and Houston, Texas, as well as Chicago. Saturday-only flights will serve Orlando, Fla. However, you can fly anywhere Southwest goes if you don’t mind connecting flights.

Branson is now busy been getting the word out about its upcoming connections.

“We have already begun advertising in those Southwest markets. We want to make sure that folks in those markets know they can come to Branson within an hour, hour and a half at a very reduced rate.”

While the services don’t begin until March 9, you still can book your flights ahead of time.,0,6779903.story


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