Transit- Don’t be scabs: Transit workers union president John Samuelsen tells officers not to expand city bus service if yellow school bus drivers go on strike   – NY Daily News

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December 27, 2012

The president of the transit workers union says it won’t let its members be used as scabs if school bus drivers go on strike.

Local 100 President John Samuelsen told his top officers to resist any temporary expansion of city bus service if yellow school bus drivers — who are represented by the smaller ATU Local 1181 — stage a walkout.

“The chance of a strike is very serious,” Samuelsen wrote in an email to his top officers.

“We must use every lawful means at our disposal to support the ATU,” he said. “Under no circumstance should any officer of Local 100 make any agreement with any MTA official at any level, to perform or provide work which we are not contractually required to perform or provide.”

More than 152,000 students would lose their regular rides if school bus drivers strike.

The city is putting school bus contracts out to bid in an effort to cut costs. The union is demanding that its drivers be guaranteed their jobs and be granted seniority rights if new companies are hired.

LOCAL 1181 president Michael Cordiello has said a strike could happen any time.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is legally barred from creating special school routes, but could expand service on existing routes if they get inundated with kids.

The city has purchased MetroCards for affected students but hasn’t asked the MTA to expand service, a city spokeswoman said.


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