Air- American Eagle mechanics ratify, dispatchers reject contracts – Dallas Business Journal

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

October 26, 2012

The union representing American Eagle mechanics has voted to ratify a new contract with the airline, while the dispatchers union has rejected its contract, the Transport Workers Union said Friday.

The mechanics approved their contract with an 82 percent vote in favor. The dispatchers rejected their proposed agreement by 90 percent.

Fort Worth-based American Eagle, the regional partner of American Airlines, pursued new contracts with its work groups as part of the airline’s restructuring in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Five of the six unionized work groups at American Eagle have ratified new contracts, including the pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, ground school instructors and fleet service clerks.

“Today’s ratification demonstrates the willingness of the company and the TWU to negotiate new contracts that achieve the cost savings necessary for our successful restructuring. We realize this was a very difficult decision for our people,” said Andrea Huguely, American Eagle spokeswoman, in a statement. “We’re disappointed our dispatchers failed to ratify their tentative agreement.”

American Eagle said it will push its previously filed motion asking the bankruptcy court to reject the existing contract with dispatchers.


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