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Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

September 6, 2012

Transport workers in Australia and the United States of America have signalled their intention to stand together to fight for secure jobs with decent pay and conditions now and into the future, with the signing of a Trans-Pacific Transport Unions Alliance, said Tony Sheldon, national secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union of Australia (TWU).

TWU and the Transport Workers’ Union of America (TWUA) has signed a Trans-Pacific Transport Unions Alliance for deeper cooperation and support over the coming years.

Mr Sheldon said: “Workers across the world are forging closer ties and associations to ensure hard fought rights and entitlements are not eroded by the increasingly transnational nature of companies and supply chains. Transport workers inAustraliaand theUnited Statesface many of the same problems, such as militant employers pursuing an ideological agenda of outsourcing good jobs to inadequately trained temporary staff.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to sign this alliance on behalf of the 90,000 TWU members. The TWUA has a proud history of achieving for their members and their families and we look forward to working together for transport workers’ rights.

“In addition to running collaborative and supporting campaigns, the unions will share knowledge, skills and experience. What has been particularly interesting is TWUA president Jim Little discussing the relationship with Southwest Airlines. Here we have an airline that engages and works with their workforce to overcome challenges, a strategy which has proven to be of an enormous benefit to the largest airline in theUSA. The contrast with Qantas management’s refusal to view their workforce as anything other than a burden could not be clearer.”

Transport Workers’ Union of America international president James P. Little said: “The Trans-Pacific Alliance is about two proud unions sharing our knowledge and resources for the betterment of our members. In today’s globalised world, the issues faced by aviation workers are frequently the same in theUSAandAustralia. From today, the TWU inAmericaandAustraliawill be working closer together to get the best for our members and their families.”

“Workers are coming together across borders and oceans to share ideas and campaigns like never before. The Trans-Pacific Transport Alliance will provide a powerful tool for transport workers’ rights now and into the future,” Mr Sheldon said.

via Transport union goes global – Transport & Logistics News.


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