Ex-American Airlines employee may be jailed for whistleblowing – National Airlines | Examiner.com

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gailen David, a former American Airlines flight attendant, has been ordered to appear before a judge in Tarrant County, Texas following a court order barring him from making any statements against the management of American Airlines; which is currently in bankruptcy.

David, whose “Aluminum Lady” videos about American Airlines and its management team became popular on YouTube, published an article describing what he would do in his first 100 days as CEO of American Airlines. American filed a complaint with the Tarrant County Court charging that David had violated an order requiring him to refrain from any derogatory statements about American Airlines while they were settlement talks.

“It’s a shame that American Airlines has taken this type of stance not only with me but with every employee in one way or another” said David.

Upon receiving the complaint, Judge Tom Lowe ordered David to appear before the court Wednesday, September 5, and may be fined and/or jailed per the Judge’s discretion.

“This week I may possibly be jailed for speaking out on behalf of working Americans everywhere who are under attack” David states. “Although American demanded I take the videos off of the Internet, they made the calculated decision to terminate me for other reasons in order to have it appear they were not attempting to deny me my freedoms of speech. The grounds on which I was terminated were based on untrue accusations which I have always been able to prove absolutely false.”

After Mr. David’s videos posted to YouTube, the flight attendants of American Airlines rallied behind him in support of replacing the management team that lead the once number one carrier into bankruptcy. Last month the flight attendant’s at the bankrupt carrier were forced to vote for or against the airlines “last best final” contract offer. Though the flight attendants voted to accept the offer the union issued the following statement: “It is important to remember who and what has caused this horrible situation: our current management team,” and added that they “will now continue our strong and concise message that we have zero confidence in this management team.” That statement follows a section of the “last best final offer” which prohibits employees from litigating any bonuses the Executive’s of the airline may receive.

David has set up a website in which his supporters can follow his hearing. The site includes live tweets, a back-story as to how he and American ended where they are today and his collection of videos. To visit the website, click here.

via Ex-American Airlines employee may be jailed for whistleblowing – National Airlines | Examiner.com.


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