Pilot union: US Airways to sign non-disclosure agreement with American Airlines | Airline Biz Blog

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

The U.S. Airline Pilots Association, which represents US Airways pilots, told its members Monday night that the US Airways board has decided to sign a non-disclosure agreement with merger target American Airlines, according to a message sent us late Monday.


Among other things, that action has squelched discussions between US Airways and the pilots’ unions at American and US Airways, the union said.

“This NDA prohibits US Airways from negotiating with unions at AMR and US Airways over terms and conditions related to a potential merger between the two companies,” USAPA told its members in the message Monday evening.

“As a result, negotiations among US Airways, USAPA, and APA [Allied Pilots Association at AA] scheduled for this week in DFW have been cancelled and there is no current date set for resuming those negotiations. As long as the NDA remains in effect, the terms of the MOU between USAPA and US Airways cannot be clarified or changed,” the US Airways union said.

The non-disclosure agreement allows the two sides to exchange confidential information. “AMR has insisted, however, that US Airways must refrain from negotiating with both the AMR unions and its own unions about a merger while it has access to the confidential and sensitive information concerning AMR’s financial position and operational plans,” USAPA said.

via Pilot union: US Airways to sign non-disclosure agreement with American Airlines | Airline Biz Blog.

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